The current COVID-19 pandemic marks a dire and unprecedented time in the modern era. As it touches nearly every country on the globe, individuals across the world have been stepping up to the challenge, as we work to overcome this disease. Your donation to SRLC’s COVID Relief Initiatives will stop the disease’s spread and help protect each of us. While everyone is affected by this virus in some way, we don’t always realize some of the marginalized communities who are facing the brunt of it. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, refugees and migrants, homeless populations, and more face an ever-increasing set of challenges. You can help amidst this trying time by offering a donation that will help:


To extend your love and care to those affected, you can now contribute towards the various initiatives below:

Support a Family

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a dramatic rise in unemployment leaving millions without a job. This fund will support a family of four individuals for one month until they are able to get back on their feet.

Monthly Groceries

Provide groceries to a daily wager for a month

Support a Front liner

Sponsor the preparation and distribution of one meal to doctors, nurses, policeman, and government officials

Feeding animals

Provide food to stray animals during this crisis

Self-Sustainability Fund

Funds will be used to empower individuals and families that have lost jobs due to the Coronavirus crisis. Examples include sponsoring a sewing machine, khakra making machine, incense stick making machine, etc.

Supplies and Equipment

Support to Hospitals with beds, ventilators, disposables, and other essential medical equipment.

Disclaimer: Any surplus funds may be used for other Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care Activities.

Catch glimpses of the relief initiatives


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