The Impact

Since inception we have made a major impact in providing state-of-the-art, cost effective and life saving services to patients:

Treated more than 1 Million Patients with Average Cost of $5

Major Role in Reducing Infant Mortality Rate from 62 in 2004 to 29 in 2015

125,000 Patients Treated Annually with 90% Free of Charge

1000+ Critical Surgeries Performed

Annually Treat 500 Babies in NICU & 1200 Women for Deliveries

Numbers Treated Annually

  • More than 125,000 patients are treated annually


  • 500 Newborn Babies in our NICU; ~25% are critical life & death cases.
  • Some of these babies are nursed on a ventilator, for as long as a month.
  • 1,200 Women in Labor
  • 600 Surgical Patients; many of the Surgeries performed fall into the Category of Supra Major or Supra Major Plus Surgeries.

An Urgent Need for Expansion

The ever increasing medical needs have posed a challenge to the capabilities of this most efficiently run hospital in the region as it has been running over its capacity for the last number of years. Though our Hospital has 55 Beds, we have, on an average, 75 In-patients undergoing treatment at any given time (running at 130-140% capacity). And though our NICU has 9 Beds, we have, on an average, 10 ~ 12 babies undergoing treatment at any given time. Some of our Patients travel for hours to reach our Hospital and we just don’t have the heart to turn them away, even when the Hospital is full. However, this is making the situation exceedingly difficult to manage and it has become very clear to us that we need to build a new, bigger and a more modern, 200 Bed Hospital, as the demand for this is increasing day after day.

The situation is becoming critical with more and more patients being referred to the hospital.