Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul
Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul
Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul


Vision: Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul is a progressive school which serves deserving economically-disadvantaged students, offering them the right infrastructure and environment to parent them into becoming constructive members of society. The core values with which we seek to empower our students are integrity, perseverance and empathy. While we work systematically towards improving the academic core of the students, giving them a platform to pursue higher education, we also pay keen attention to skill development and other activities and programs to ensure holistic development.

The education scenario in South Gujarat is such that a large number of villages remain deprived of this basic necessity. Tribals are recognized as one of the most marginalised groups and provisions for their educational development in the area are scarce. An innovative and integrated educational approach to maximize their potential is most important for helping them escape the vicious cycle of ignorance and poverty.

Dharampur lies in one of the major tribal belts of South Gujarat, where access to higher education is limited. There posed an urgent need for higher secondary education in the stream of Science that is accessible to tribal students. Responding immediately to this need, Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul at Karanjveri in Dharampur was founded in June 2011.

We focus on the child’s holistic development by integrating academic performance with educational camps, extra-curricular activities and hands-on learning. Some of the activities include:

  • Special coaching in English, Computers, Robotics
  • Career Counselling
  • Working together with Teachers and Parents
  • Participation in community service - 'Design for Change'
  • Workshops along with students of Mumbai schools – 'Together We Can'
  • Educational Visits – 'Mumbai Darshan'
  • Promoting Performing Arts – 'Shrimad Rajchandra Kala Utsav'
  • Yoga and Sports - 'Khel Mahakumbh'
Our Facilities

It is our endeavor to provide students with the best learning tools and infrastructure for their education. We strive to ensure that students can avail facilities similar to their urban peers.The facilities include:


Classrooms 6 Classrooms which provide the right environment for lectures.


Laboratories 3 Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab An air-conditioned computer lab with over 40 computers connected with thin line technology.

An Audio-Video Room

An Audio-Video Room An Audio-Video Room including the ‘Iken School Ecosystem’ technology which combines state-of-the-art hardware with multimedia-based content for a digital solution giving students a visually stimulating and interactive learning experience.

A Library

A Library – A collection of books and reading material on a wide range of subjects, with a quiet reading area

A Sports Ground

A Sports Ground A Sports Ground with a special outdoor obstacle course.

Training Centre

Training Centre A Vocational Training Centre for Basic Engineering, Energy and Environment, Home and Health and Agriculture.




Sanjay Parmar’s family was sustaining itself well and looked forward to a secure future, but for a quirk of fate! Sanjay’s father suffered a crippling paralytic attack, which made him bed-ridden and unable to work and earn for his family. Sanjay’s mother and brother started working in the farms but earned meagre wages, unable to sustain their family. While Sanjay wanted to pursue further studies in the field of Science, the high cost of private schools kept him away and there were no public schools in the vicinity.

However, SRG gave him the opportunity he had been waiting for! Sanjay studied here through the 11th and 12th standards and secured admission in a university to study mechanical engineering. Sanjay’s life would have been distinctly different, had he not found SRG!



“It has been an overwhelming experience to increase our knowledge.”

Name: Bhavini Chaudhari,

Student at Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul

“Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul conducts Maths, Science and English coaching classes on weekends, which I have been attending. It is a very interesting initiative, providing us an opportunity to solve mathematical problems and conduct science experiments. It has been an overwhelming experience to increase our knowledge, along with students from other schools."


Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul students shine bright at the SSC and HSC board exams

The 10th standard students of Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul (SRG) produced a stupendous performance at the HSC examinations of academic year 2014-15 by securing a pass percentage of 100%. This was better than the Gujarat state and Valsad district pass percentages of 54% and 62% respectively. Out of the batch of 64 students, 5 students secured a First Class. In the process, SRG has achieved top results for the 2nd year in a row and is etching itself as one of the best schools in the region.

The 12th standard students of SRG also lived up to the high expectations by securing a pass percentage of 99.09%. This was better than the Gujarat state and Valsad district pass percentages of 86% and 84% respectively. SRG improved upon its 2013-14 pass percentage of 97% and is inching towards the 100% mark.