Shrimad Rajchandra Vidyapeeth
Shrimad Rajchandra Vidyapeeth

Higher education opportunities are the single-most important means by which individuals and society can improve quality of life. Tribal students from the rural interiors of South Gujarat, many of whom have the potential to pursue science are forced to pursue commerce, arts, or vocational occupations due to the shortage of college seats. Only a single Government Science College in the entire district of Valsad is available to cater to this growing aspiration of tribal students. The first generation of students who wish to pursue higher education is ready, but the infrastructure was missing. There is no science college across 238 villages of Dharampur and Kaprada. It is estimated that approximately 1000 students annually, who wish to pursue a degree in science, are unable to as they are not in a position to migrate out and take admissions in other colleges.

Shrimad Rajchandra Vidyapeeth is the first ever science college in Dharampur for economically less-privileged students, offering courses like Bachelor in Science degrees in Chemistry and Microbiology, and classes in Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Botany, Microbiology, Written and Spoken English Communication and Environmental Study. This college provides a holistic education, which integrates academics, extra-curricular activities and vocational guidance. The scope encompasses project based learning, English language support, development of life skills and value based education. At SRV, tribal students learn to combine local skills and wisdom found within rural areas with the advancements in technology and education found in urban India.

The facilities at the college include:

  • Spacious laboratories (Chemistry, Microbiology, Botany and Computer Science), each well-equipped for practical application and research
  • Well-equipped classrooms with modern facilities and teaching aids, comfortably designed with natural sunlight and open ventilation to provide best learning environment for students
  • Administration areas including Principal’s office, faculty room, conference room, medical centre.
  • An extensive library providing reference books and periodicals covering wide range of topics, as well as internet access area